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Checklists. Most of us make grocery lists, and many preppers inventory our supplies. Those of us that don't, should. If you don't know what you have, how do you know what you need? At any rate, the same rule applies to checklists. If I'm leaving the house, I grab the pistol of my choice, mag pouch/speedloaders, usually I grab my SKS and throw it behind the truck seat, complete with stripper clips. My truck BOB stays in there. That's my checklist, it's in my head and it's been done enough times to have become a natural set of movements I do without even thinking.

Many new preppers feel overwhelmed with the amount of things to do, preparations to make and items to buy. What about food? Water? Guns? Garden? All of these things need attended to, in due time. The simplest, fastest way to prioritize anything is to make a list. If I'm going on a weekend camping trip with the family, I have everything I need ready in a closet. It's my bugout gear, essentially. I'm not going to go into detail, but I'll give an example list.

Bugout Checklist: BOB for each family member, MBR for each capable family member, Sidearm for each capable family member, Load-bearing vests, Additional food supplies, Additional water supply/filtration.

All of this seems pretty straightforward, and many of the other items you may think need to be on that list(I.E: First aid kit) should be packed in that BOB. My truck has a BOB, but I don't have enough room to pack the level of stuff that goes in my ALICE pack. It contains essentials, food, water when it's not below freezing, first aid, extra ammo for whatever guns I expect to grab, so on. All of this was derived from a list. I didn't create it, but I adjusted it to fit my needs.

Back on track now, Let's just say there are items on your list that can't be housed with your BOB. For example, the baby diapers formula you don't pack in your BOB because it doesn't get rotated properly if you do. Other essential baby items, some extra food in case you're going to be gone longer than what you stay packed for, whatever you think you need but you can't store. Take your pen and paper, and make a list of what needs to be packed. Place it on top of your BOB, and you'll see it right away when you go to grab it.

Regarding grocery lists, and inventory, I have a very simple method to maintain what I store. If I use an item from preps, I write it down on a dry erase board on my refrigerator. When we make the grocery list, we double the amount used on the list. We then erase any items we replace from the board, and you'd be surprised how fast you can bring your stock up to speed that way. It's not as expensive as it sounds, either. I also try to inventory everything in the house once a month, I dread it but it needs to be done.

There's much more that can be discussed regarding checklists, but I'm no writer. This is just what immediately came to mind for the topic at hand.

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